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Perfect for a day like today! From the new #ahalife app @zokuHQ #zoku #popsicles #mobileapp (at AHAlife)


From our video series The Takeaway

“Ahalife founder Shauna Mei had a dream job at Goldman Sachs when entrepreneurial fever took hold—but she didn’t immediately act on it. Here’s how to recognize the right time.” 

How To Know It’s The Right Time For A Career Leap


This is my video for AHAlife. I hope you like it. Learn about what I like and why I love being a dj.

<3 it!


My prints are now available on AHA life:

Introducing the #ArtisanProject to Become a part of an authentic dialogue between artisan and patron. 

The beads, the shimmer, the peekaboo game … a stunning slice of inspiration. 

Well, now we know how we’re wearing our hair this weekend. 

(Source: bergdorfprincess)

Meet Chair No 35, designed by Damian Velasquez. You won’t believe you’re sitting in a metal chair; it’s made of heat-disbursing, wind-resistant powder-coated steel, and it’s very springy. A Dwell pick on AHAlife.


‘Metal Heart’ - shot by Remi Kozdra and Kasia Baczulis

AHAlife is the online shopping destination for gifts and unique finds. From product discoveries and New York inspirations to our CEO Shauna Mei's travels, these are the aha moments.

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