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Meet Chair No 35, designed by Damian Velasquez. You won’t believe you’re sitting in a metal chair; it’s made of heat-disbursing, wind-resistant powder-coated steel, and it’s very springy. A Dwell pick on AHAlife.

Intricately handwoven in Australia, this tangled chain Medusa necklace is rugged yet refined. Featured in Vogue and Grazia and followed by celebrities like Rihanna and model Anja Rubik, Maripossa’s brand of dip-dyed, rustic jewelry is making a splash among the in-the-know fashion set. Other Maripossa pieces available here at


Do What You Love #typography #bestoftheday (Taken with Instagram)


Today on AHAlife: Visually inspiring, eco-friendly wallpapers and pillows. Display your personality with dreamy designs and unique colors, based on a Brooklyn artist’s hand-painted patterns.

Eskayel Pillows & Wallpapers available here at

Modern architecture at its finest.

Truss Concrete Planter by Pull + Push, available here at

An artful & eccentric take on the antique Creole cottage (via Design Sponge).

Emanuela Duca bracelets and necklace

Inspired by the natural beauty of her Italian homeland Italy, Emanuela Duca’s jewelry unites the classic forms of ancient Rome with the sleek, geometric lines of Manhattan. The end result is a strong but delicate, minimal but romantic.

Emanuela Duca Roman Cuff

Here, she models one of her favorite pieces: a Roman cuff with a hint of sparkle. “Jewelry is a more accessible form of fashion,” she says. It’s true - the pieces contain a subtle elegance suited to any style or occassion. Her careful focus on the balance between natural earthiness and urban sophistication reveals a resounding, universally perceptible beauty.

Although her Italian roots have had a huge influence on her artistic development, Emanuela’s work and her heart have both committed to New York City. “Once, when I was feeling homesick, my friend took me to the Brooklyn Heights Promenades,” she says, “It was so beautiful that it made me love New York and want to stay.”

It’s easy to see why Daniel Vosovic - a former Project Runway finalist - was among the group of talented upcoming fashion designers in this year’s CFDA Incubator Program. At the Open House event today, we were lucky enough to get a chance to meet him to find out more about his vision and inspirations.

Daniel’s work for the Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the 90s schoolgirl look, but there’s no Britney Spears to be found here - this slouchy, romantic edginess is unique to Daniel alone. The end result is a feminine, vintage style with evocative patterns and fierce, understated silhouettes. The raindrop pattern, a key staple of this collection, complements the casual, edgy aesthetic without overpowering it.

His personal AHA! moment? When, at the age of 18, he realized he didn’t want to be an architect, and instead took a summer fashion course where he designed clothes for the first time. Daniel learned to love seeing the skeleton of his pieces come together as his artistic vision slowly came to life. But the greatest part of being a designer, he says, is seeing the look on his best friend’s face when she tries on his new designs. Daniel declared that the greatest feeling of being a designer is knowing the impact that he can make on a woman. It may just be fabric, but it can totally change everything about the way we look and feel.

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