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Just uncovered this brilliant fashion artifact: Audrey Hepburn on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, April 1956, shot by Howell Conant.

Luxury South Africa Lodge

Planning to spend your summer vacation somewhere exotic? Whether you dream of a safari in Africa or a romantic getaway in fair Verona, we’ve got the scarves to match your destination.

Serengeti Tie All Scarf, by Theodora & Callum

This Serengeti tie all scarf functions as a dress, scarf, shawl, or a beach towel. The colors are bright enough to suit even the most lush and exotic of destinations.

See the rest of our scarves on AHAlife, or go to our Pinterest board where we’ve specifically picked a destination for every scarf. Inspired by everything from the vibrant paintings by Matisse to the lush natural beauty of Fiji, each of our scarves has a different story to tell and a unique AHA! adventure to begin.

AHAlife is the online shopping destination for gifts and unique finds. From product discoveries and New York inspirations to our CEO Shauna Mei's travels, these are the aha moments.

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